About Anita

I’m currently a student and I’m in my final year.

I’m interested in:

  • History: I like all centuries in History, but I’m especially interested in Ancient Rome,
  • Geography: Can you imagine how far every letter travels?,
  • Art: I prefer Art Nouveau – especially Gustav Klimt,
  • foreign languages: I’m fluent in German and nearly fluent in English. I learnt Latin for four years at High School, but this language is not that necessary anymore and I have almost forgotten everything by now. I learnt Spanish for three years at University but the language was super hard for me and I hardly practiced. I really regret, that I forget this language that fast, as it’s really beautiful! I learnt Danish for one year and I really fell in love with it! I love this language,
  • learning about different countries,
  • learning about different cultures,
  • daydreaming,
  • sports,
  • watching TV,
  • hanging around with friends and of course
  • spending time with my family.

4 thoughts on “About Anita”

  1. it’s surprising how much common points we have ? where are you from ?

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